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Blueberry Pre-Orders
(2024 pre-orders are full)

Our next round of pre-orders will start on March 1 of next year.

Pre-Orders: Image

How do pre-orders work?

Here are the basics for pre-orders:

  • Pre-orders open on March 1 of each year and close when we hit the cap.

  • The minimum order is 50 lbs. (5 flats)

  • You must provide contact info so we can reach you during the blueberry season (usually July/August)

  • Payment is due on pick-up.

  • No deposits.

Why is there a minimum?

We have a minimum order size because we want to make sure customers with larger orders can have a better chance at getting their order in. Anything less than 50lbs. can typically be picked up on any given day during the season.

How do I know I made the list?

You will receive an email confirming your pre-order or letting you know we are all full.

If you use the form, this will be sent automatically. If you call or email, we will send the email once we process your request.

Pre-order form

This form will only be visible when pre-orders are open.

Refresh the page or clear temporary internet files if you cannot see the form.

Why is there a limit?

We have a limit to ensure that our pre-orders are filled each year. Our limit may change from year to year depending on how the crop is doing. Typically we aim for about 50% of our expected yield as pre-orders.

Can I place a standing order?

No. We understand that there are a lot of customers who have been coming to us for years, or even decades. However, the fact is that we have far more customers than blueberries. As such, we do not offer the ability to have a standing order.​

What about long-term customers?

We do appreciate the loyalty, but as noted above, our popularity has out-grown our blueberries. We can't possibly grow enough to supply everyone. For that reason, we keep things fair and make the pre-orders a first-come, first-served arrangement.

How come you still sell in the storefront?

So many reasons, but mainly we want to have blueberries available for walk-ups and customers who want to purchase smaller amounts.

Rest assured, pre-orders are prioritized and will be filled each season.

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